Supporting children and teen mothers to thrive, in partnership CLADHO

Project Background

The Supporting children and teen mothers to thrive Project was set up by AERG in partnership with CLADHO, as a result of mentoring(training) them on child rights, child protection, fighting against child sexual violence and teenage pregnancy.  

Although the government of Rwanda and other stakeholders have a strong commitment towards child right violation and child abuse , it still exists around the country. The effects of child right violation and Child sexual violence are very damaging, both to the victims and society in general.

Through education AERG staff and volunteers will facilitate youth of several districts by training them about child protection law and how the law punishes the child sex offender. This education will be done through workshops, training sessions, and facilitating dialogue in communities.

Key Objective

To equip with required capacity district child protection forums and networks in several districts

Main Beneficiaries.

The project provides support primarily to young genocide survivors currently in Secondary school, high learning institutions and University and as well as those who didn’t get a chance to attend school, who have challenges related to early pregnancies and are not aware of their rights and their children rights as well. This project extends beyond just AERG members.