Saving for the future generation

Project Background

From the month of April to the month of July 1994, 1,074,057 million Tutsi were killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda in a period of one hundred days.

This Genocide destroyed Rwanda at all levels, leaving emotional and physical wounds, Many of the Survivors were left orphaned, chronically injured, disabled, widowed, chronically ill and homeless.

After the Genocide against the Tutsis, the youth who survived built it and brought it to rebuild our country so that the Genocide will not return and will not harm the value of Rwandans again. 

In the year 1996, in the former University of Rwanda, an organization of students who survived the Genocide against the Tutsi was established called AERG (Association des Eleves et etudiants Rescapes du Genocide).

        In order to study the social and economic problems faced by the members of the AERG at the national level, they decided to create a fund to support the AERG in universities and colleges.

Specific purpose of the fund project

The money from the fund will help the members of universities and colleges to continue their activities (they will always receive a budget).

The money from the fund will help members in universities and colleges to reach their brothers in high school (descente).

General Purpose of the Fund

It will help members practice the habit of saving from the little they have.

It will help members to realize that working together (working in a group) is more productive than working alone