Our Projects

Our Project

Supporting children and teen mothers to thrive(in partnership with CLADHO)

Through education AERG staff and volunteers will facilitate youth of several districts by training them about child protection law and how the law punishes the child sex offender.

Legal and counselling(Helpline) (in partnership with SURF)

The Counselling and Legal Helpline project was set up by AERG in partnership with SURF, as a result of the increasing need for young survivors to seek legal advice and counselling support.

Saving for future generation

In order to study the social and economic problems faced by the members of the AERG at the national level, they decided to create a fund to support the AERG in universities and colleges.

AERG Farm Nyagatare

AERG has 130 ha of land at Nyagatare District,this project is an income generating activity in breeding and agricultural production. For future use we want to add some changes by making this area a place where members can improve

Hope Hostel

Hope hostel Ltd is a registered company located in Kigali City, operating as Full Board accommodation and other related services especially its aim is to host the asylum seekers from the UK.