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Kigali Language Exchange (KLE) is a registered school created by the Association of Student Survivors of Genocide (AERG) in collaboration with Survivors Fund (SURF) in September 2011, as a component of AERG’s Education into Employment (EiE) program. The KLE project is expanded as it contributes to capacity building especially in communication skills. Moreover, it is an income generating activity with the aim of financing the ongoing running costs of AERG’s EiE program.KLE provides the On-site training.KLE provide good and perfect service in teaching English, French, Arabic, Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda from beginning to the advanced level.

Specialties of KLE

Delivery of on-site training for government and non government institutions and individual or private contract as well; Flexible schedule tailored to our clients’ needs; Native-speaking teachers with significant teaching experience ;Variety of courses; Competitive teaching tools; free placement tests; TOEFL-level training; Dynamic prices.KLE offer the Certificates after completing each level. Welcome to KLE.

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