Job Position of AERG Hostel Girls Mentor

Job Title: AERG Hostel Girls Mentor
Based: Kigali-Kagugu
Reporting to: AERG Executive Secretary

AERG (Association des Etudiants Et Éleves Rescapés Du Genocide) is an association of student survivors of genocide created in 1996 at the former National University of Rwanda. Now AERG is represented nationally at 38 Universities and institutes of higher learning and 480 secondary schools in Rwanda, with a total country-wide membership of 43,397. The main mission of AERG is to represent all student survivors involved in higher learning or attending secondary school. AERG is now dedicated to providing financial support, morale boosting activities and support systems, fighting genocide ideology and ensuring that students overcome trauma, homelessness and financial problems as well as to advocate for the ongoing needs of survivors, supporting them in education, with economic issues and onwards towards a productive

Position Title

As AERG Hostel Girls Mentor, the employee is required to perform the following duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a professional manner.

    To follow up on the practice of rules and regulations guiding the beneficiaries of AERG hostel

 To care on the well-being of beneficiaries of AERG hostel
 To provide counselling about behaviour and correct bad behaviour cases
 To provide guidelines to the delegates of beneficiaries
 To accompany beneficiaries outside the hostel in public intervention
 To show particular care to those having special issues
 To assist in implementing beneficiaries related activity
 To help beneficiaries in step to trauma resilience and goal oriented life
 To organize beneficiaries during the hostel activities
 To submit daily report on the welfare and behaviour of beneficiaries to the AERG Hostel
 To provide short hand permission to go out AERG hostel for beneficiaries if need be
 To set up and conduct meetings with beneficiaries if need be
 To welcome guest of AERG hostel
 To receive and keep AERG hostel documents
 To prepare AERG hostel meetings minutes
 To keep the store of the materials of the hostel
 To bring the materials out of the store when they’re going to be used
 To inspect kitchen staff
 To submit activity report to the hostel Coordinator
Qualifications and Person Specification
• University degree
• At least two years’ experience working with youth
• To have good knowledge of the needs and challenges faced by survivors
• To be willing to work in a non-judgmental way and to be respectful of difference.
• To keep high standards of confidentiality
• To be resourceful and creative to ensure the activities are successful
• To be self-motivated and organized
How to Apply
– Interested candidates should apply online via this email:
– Remember to attach your CV.
– Due to anticipated interest in these posts, only those who will follow application procedure and those that will be shortlisted will be contacted.
– Deadline to receive application is Sept 3 2017 at 5:00pm

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