Hope Hostel

About Hope Hostel

Hope hostel Ltd is a registered company located in Kigali City, operating as Full Board accommodation and other related services especially its aim is to host the asylum seekers from the UK.

Hope Hostel Ltd is the former One Dollar Campaign Complex (ODCC) owned 100% by AERG with the aim of hosting and taking care of the genocide orphans youth students survivors whom did not have home and families, After raising and support those youth and realized that they have grown up, some decided to leave and go get jobs work and make their own life (with the support and facilitation of the government of Rwanda through MINUBUMWE and Former FARG), from there AERG as the owner decided and conclude to transform ODCC from non-profit project to profit making Organization to earn and be able to keep on providing support and facilitation to its members, ODCC graduates and others AERG’s Projects.