About Us

Introduction to Our Story

Genocide Against Tutsi caused significant loss of human life and material deprivation. Those who survived continue to experience severe problems, including loss of family, Physical disablement, and psychological trauma. These factors have severe adverse consequences for student survivors, including Hopelessness, social isolation, educational failure, and a high drop-out rate. 

Although the genocide happened 29 years ago, its multifarious consequences persist. Some student survivors are still homeless and must stay at school because they do not have anywhere else to go during holidays. They also lack transport, have financial problems, lack Proper sanitation, and have inadequate clothing. Many still suffer intimidation from those who support the ideology behind the genocide. 

There is also a big problem for these Students in the job market. Student survivors have created an association to find solutions or remedies to the issues noted above. It is dedicated to providing financial help and moral support and ensuring that survivor students overcome trauma and can fight against this tragic event so that it can never happen again in Rwanda or anywhere else. 

Strength is found by joining together, so the students in question decided to create an association to coordinate the resources of student and pupil survivors to overcome the above-stated problems. We have named Association des Etudiants Et Éleves Rescapés du Genocide (AERG).

Historical Background of AERG

AERG (Association des Etudiants Et Éleves Rescapés Du Genocide) is an association of student survivors of genocide. Created on 20/10/1996 at format UNR by 12 students, it has quickly grown. Now AERG is represented nationally at 44 Universities and institutes of higher learning and 475 secondary schools in Rwanda, with a total country-wide membership of 43,398. 

The national AERG coordination office is based in Kigali and liaises with the AERG University and Secondary School AERG sections. The main mission of AERG is to connect and represent all student survivors (those whose parents and relatives were killed during the Tutsi genocide) involved in higher learning or attending secondary school. Originally, AERG was founded as a support mechanism for genocide orphans studying at secondary and higher institutions. 

However, its role has now expanded to cover not only support systems (in the form of artificial families) and morale-boosting activities but also to advocate for the ongoing needs of survivors, supporting them in education (liaising with FARG – Government of Rwanda Assistance Fund for Survivors), with economic issues and onwards towards a productive life. AEG is now dedicated to providing financial support and moral help, fighting genocide ideology, and ensuring students overcome trauma, homelessness, and economic problems. AERG is an organization run by students for students, and many such people are involved voluntarily. 

The executive committee at the national office consists entirely of voluntary personnel. AERG does, however, have six paid staff members based at the national coordination office: the Executive Secretary, the Accountant And project coordinators.

What we do

We make advocacy, mental health (counseling), assistance, legal aids, mentoring, and shelter and empower our beneficiaries to be self-reliant through our various programs.

Our Mission

To connect and represent all student survivors from university, high learning institutions, and secondary schools. We strive to build a peaceful society without the Genocide ideology.

Our Vision

The financial stability and welfare from all angles. We are creating a safe community both Economically and Socially, all matching our contribution to the development of our country.

Our Members

Effective Members

An Effective member is any student or survivor of genocide against Tutsi who wishes and requests to join and work together to fulfill and achieve the association's mission.

Adherent Members

An Adherent member is any other student who wishes to join the association with the goodwill to participate actively and tirelessly following the status of the association.

Honor Members

An Honor member is any former member of AERG of integrity; they may also be any other person with the will to join the association. They would not have been implicated in genocide.