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Green light magazine started as a newsletter in 2010 brought to you by AERG and SURF and it is published monthly by Education into Employment.

The Green Light magazine is aimed at current students and recent graduates and wishes to assist young people make the tough transition from studying to employment by providing information, tips and motivational articles that will help them to succeed in the job market. Since 2010, Green light magazine has produced 12 issues and covered different topics related to career, education and employment. Below are topics covered by the magazine:

The master courses.
Fight against HIV/AIDS in youth.
Characteristics of successful people.
Be an entrepreneur!
Using the internet for research, how to search and apply for jobs, further studies, internships and scholarships online.
Creative and Unconventional Careers. Beyond Banking, Law, Accountancy e.t.c. What are your options?
Know what you want, Do what you love, try to Live your passion, Know which one your dream might be, Be free, Stand for that thing you want to be, Get your life play a greater part on what you want to be, Smile, Believe in yourself, And find the answer to the one question what is it like to live your dream????
If you are reading this article it means that we have launched our new format of the magazine which is this website, this website will help both us and you to communicate easily and provide many articles, tips and that will be done day by day but we will still continue to print the hard copies of the magazine. also we’ve launched our new logo.

While the start of this website is modest, we hope that with your help it will grow and be a

useful guide to young people wanting to enter the job market. If you would like to be involved,

Read on to see how you can help us with writing articles, contributing ideas, and sponsorship and you can use also our contact us form to reach us.

What is Education into Employment?

The Education into Employment Programme aims to empower youth to reach their potential.

Currently we are working with university students by supporting young people to become better prepared for their future lives and the world of work by becoming more competitive in the job market. We are doing this through:

1) A mentoring programme linking final year students with professionals in their field of interest, helping them to set goals for the future.

2) English language courses in universities which includes an exchange programme with American university students.

3) An IT programme supporting greater access to technology.

4) The Green light newsletters, increasing young peoples’ access to opportunities and information about the world of work.

5) And Entrepreneurship programme.

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