ELE Imbere-Heza

 Project to Empower Young Enterprising Genocide Survivors

Entrepreneurship skills for youth is the corner stone of Student Survivors Association, AERGand Survivors Fund’s (SURF) latest joint project, officially launched in Kigali in the presence of Jean Philbert Nsengimana, the Minister of Youth & ICT. “Imbere Heza” will help youth to create a ‘”bright and better future”.

ELE Project “Empowering Vulnerable Young Survivors who have left Secondary School to Create, Secure and Sustain Employment” (ELE/Imbere Heza) will help 9,000 vulnerable people to improve their lives. Entrepreneurship, job-readiness training, technical and vocational training combined with micro-finance will form a core part of the work, with legal and personal resilience support underpinning the programme.

With a 30-month duration, ELE will deliver support to 2,000 young adults, in the Eastern and Southern regions of Rwanda and reach out to a further 7,000 people (dependents and employees of new businesses). Recognizing the incredible challenges faced particularly by young women in Rwanda, the project will have a 70% gender focus on women. In doing so, ELE will empower women to engage more in local decision making, and increase the number of female entrepreneurs in Rwanda.


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