Association des Etudiants et Eleves Rescapes du Genocide(AERG) is an association of student survivors of genocide Created on 20/10/1996 at format UNR by 12 students and it has quickly grown. Now AERG is represented nationally at 41 Universities and institutes of higher learning and 484 secondary schools in Rwanda, with a total country-wide membership of 43,398. The national AERG coordination office is based in Kigali, which liaises with the AERG University and Secondary School AERG sections. The main mission of AERG is to connects and represent all students survivors from universities, high learning institutions and secondary schools.

Assistance to the young survivors towards their reintegration into society, restoring their faith of life from the tragedy of genocide against Tutsi and help them to design their better future and to against the Ideology of Genocide. Originally, AERG was founded as a support mechanism for genocide orphans studying at secondary and higher institutions. However, its role has now expanded to cover not only support systems (in the form of artificial families) and morale- boosting activities, but also to advocate for the ongoing needs of survivors, supporting them in education (liaising with FARG – Government of Rwanda Assistance Fund for Survivors), with economic issues and on wards towards productive life.


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