Kabarebe urges AERG Members on nation building

YOUNG GENOCIDE SURVIVORS should borrow a leaf from Rwandan liberators who sacrificed their lives to stop the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and liberate the country.

The call was made on Sunday by the Minister of Defence, James Kabarebe, while addressing 200 young male Genocide survivors drawn from the Association of Student Survivors of the Genocide (AERG).

The forum, which took place at the Avega-Agahozo headquarters in Rwamagana District, aimed at helping participants develop a resilient attitude and critical approach towards solving problems in their everyday lives and providing mentorship and support.

The three-day event targeted young male students aged 22 to 27, from all over the nation.

Minister Kabarebe told the gathering that the socio-economic development registered so far, coupled with the peace Rwanda is enjoying, are a result of sacrifices by men and women who stopped the Genocide and liberated the country which was on the verge of extinction.

“The lesson we learn from Rwandan soldiers who died on the battlefield is to value what they died for, you never survived to just enjoy the liberation fruits. Be courageous and have the will to build the nation and you will be successful,” Kabarebe told the youth.

He noted that Genocide survivors have done a lot in building the nation by forgiving perpetuators, but said they still need to do more to help build the nation.

“Nobody would have survived when you look at the way Genocide had been planned, what did you survive for? You didn’t survive for nothing,” he added.

Kabarebe urged the youth to be humble.

The youth committed to do their best to ensure that their role in nation building is seen in all domains of development.

The First Lady and Chairperson of Imbuto Foundation, Jeannette Kagame, launched the forum for the Association of Student Survivors of the Genocide on Saturday, where she urged them to uphold the spirit of resilience as a way to progress.
First Lady of Rwanda With AERG Members

The Youth Forum Series (YFS) is part of the Imbuto Foundation’s Youth Empowerment and Mentorship Programme with a collection of activities organised on the national level, to fully engage, educate and empower young people.

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