Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme (YETP) was set up as a partnership between Survivors Fund (SURF) and AERG (The Association of Student Genocide Survivors)  with aim to contribute in the reduction of youth unemployment among Rwandan youth with focus on university graduate and technical school leavers.

AERG, YETP mission is to develop a youth friendly entrepreneurship and employment  programmes and facilitate, network and linkages to develop financial and non financial support so as to reduce youth unemployment.

Since January 2013 AERG is in partnership with Education Development Center (EDC) to deliver work readiness training (AKAZI KANOZE) to AERG members.

AKAZI KANOZE, empowers youth with the necessary tools and resources, to enter into a positive development pathway that will lead to increased lifelong livelihood opportunities,

  1. Criteria of selection  for Entrepreneurship and Work Readiness Training
  • .University  finalists students and recent graduates
  • .AERG member or GAERG
  • .Motivation: Must have a strong interest of starting and running a business.
  • .Teachable: Hungry to learn,
  • .Commitment: Able and willing to devote 10 hours/week to the training for 3 months.
  •    English: Able to follow the training in English


  •        Start October  2014,           End; December  2014
  • When: Evening class from 5H30-7H30 PM ;Morning class from 8H-12AM ( Day & Time are very Flexible, according to the students availability)

To apply for this trainings please ask the form at AERG office of your section or download to this link FORM make a copy , fill up  and submit it to AERG office of your respective university  or drop it at AERG  National Office at Sonatube ,ININD HOUSE no later than Friday 03th October 2014 .For any information please call on 0783103610,0783464010,0788415297 or send your request at .

Done at Kigali 26th September 2014


AERG, Program Coordinator



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